Have you ever started to learn something new and just felt completely overwhelmed by initial lack of understanding? It is the same feeling as trying to translate a language that you have never heard before.

This is exactly how I felt when I tried to learn NLP on my Data Science journey.

Even though I knew it would be challenging, it was pertinent that I gain as much experience as possible knowing that NLP produced top applications throughout multiple industries including:

  • Sentimental Analysis (Facebook, Twitter), used heavily
  • Chatbot (Radius)
  • Speech Recognition (Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana) available through Natural Language Processing

Recommendation systems are a must in most businesses today. Not only can they help identify upsell opportunities but they can also help identify hot prospects based on characteristics from an existing customer base. It’s an exciting tool to execute for businesses everywhere. Below is my journey through working with a team to build our first movie recommendation model.

Loading and Cleaning Data

First things first, loading and cleaning the data. We actually started with five different sets, three from the Movielens dataset from the GroupLens research lab at the University of Minnesota and two that we pulled down from the IMDB website. We selected…

You’re working on your first big data science project, and you have been assigned a partner to divide up the large load at hand. How exciting!

So you talk with your partner about tackling the work. You discuss using Github to house the repository of all files for the project. Then you discuss using branches to do the work.

Each of you create a branch of the main to use to do your part of the work. When you review the main branch after the first round of project work, you see that all of the code in your branch…

A pandemic is announced, and you lose your job almost immediately due to the uncertainty of the small business world. So, what do you do? For many of us, it is a scary time with little to no clear direction on what to do next. It is in this lull that I decided to change career gears. So, I’d like to share my experience during this decision-making process in case it helps others who might be riding the fence.

After I lost my job, I started thinking about my career choice. Did I choose the right career for my talents…

Crissy Bruce

Future Data Scientist

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